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Member research will make or break products

Research into members is crucial for success and engagement for retirement products, but so far it has been lacking, industry leaders agree. The data currently available to funds does not allow for effective development of products or communication with members because it is too general detracting from tailoring and sectorisation, participants at the 7th annual […]

Mercer to launch pooled self-annuitisation product

Mercer is to launch a group self-annuitisation product into the Australian market next week. The full details have not yet been disclosed, but those close to its inception have described it as a game-changing product with two prominent funds linked to it. What is known is that Mercer will pool retirees in an investment strategy […]

Target date funds; the start of a big adventure

This article contains the views of AMP, Mercer, ASIC, Frontier Advisors and Michael Drew professor of finance at Griffith Business School on the subject of target date funds. Three to four million Australians are about to embark on a very exciting experiment. They are to choose a date when they envisage finishing work and then […]
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Three new approaches for post-retirement

“The Actuaries Institute would like to see retiring Australians have increased choice in relation to the retirement income products they are offered and considers the removal of current impediments to product innovation as an essential element of such a review, as well as ensuring that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect consumers and safeguard […]
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Jana cautious but Mercer positive on investment growth

All five of the major consultancy firms have a gloomy outlook on investment growth, but while several see hope in dynamic asset allocation, Jana Investment Advisers has urged investors to readjust their expectations. Representatives from each firm were quizzed by Sean Henaghan, investment director of AMP Capital at the Investment Management Consultants Association’s annual conference […]
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Fidessa to open Australian office

Fidessa, the London-based liquidity aggregator, plans to open an Australian office. It is seeking to hire an Australian-based executive. Fidessa is on about 26,000 screens globally through a network of 600 brokers that route order flows from 160 venues.