Graham Sammells

Hedge Funds

Highly desirable direct-investment option

Three quarters of superannuation members are interested in funds offering them access to a direct-investment option (DIO) platform, according to a survey. Those in corporate and retail funds are most interested in the prospect of being able to make more individual investment decisions within their main super fund, according to interim data from a questionnaire […]

The paperless boardroom

The classic board table scene is changing. Where once it featured stacks of board papers, now it’s increasingly common to see a series of iPads instead. It’s a new way of communicating for trustees, as boards transition to universal adoption of mobile devices. It’s easy to assume the move to paperless is entrenched in the […]

The tyranny of smarter data

Adjectives such as titanic, gargantuan and elephantine do not go far enough to describe the task for superannuation funds of meeting the requirements for data collection of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and provision of insurance to meet MySuper standards. But from July 1, the job is going to get bigger, as new rules […]