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IFM ups stakes on low-cost alpha

Clients of IFM Investors are to gain access to attractively priced active large-cap equities from mid-2016, after the industry fund-owned fund manager poached a nine-strong active equity team from AMP Capital. Australian long-only active equity, Australian long-short equity and Asian long-short market neutral capabilities will bring IFM closer to a full-service equity offering. Brett Himbury, […]
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IFM’s largest overseas investment is in bankrupt operator

IFM Investors has acquired the Indiana Toll Road Concession for $7.52 billion (USD5.725 billion), the largest overseas infrastructure deal in IFM’s history. IFM Global Infrastructure Fund has agreed to acquire 100 per cent equity interest in the toll road’s concessionaire and operator, ITR Concession Company (ITRCC), who filed for bankruptcy in September, 2014. The ITRCC […]
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IFM Investors enters the Mexican infrastructure market

IFM Investors is making its first investment in Mexico through a 24.99 per cent stake in a toll road on the outskirts of Mexico City. The investment is predicated in part on the forecast that Mexico will become the world’s tenth largest economy by 2030 – it is currently in fifteenth place. Julio Garcia, head […]