FEAL Annual Conference

Tim Costello on the purpose of super

The value of a business is linked to its corporate values said World Vision Australia chief executive Tim Costello, who exhorted super fund executives to consider the difference between success and significance. In a well received and thought-provoking address to 170 fund executives at the FEAL national conference in Melbourne, Costello – brother of former Treasurer, Peter […]
Hedge Funds

Opportunities in Europe

Investors and academics agree that political developments in Greece are important because they may shape how financial markets will respond to future political situations in the Eurozone. But according to Olivier Rousseau, the executive director of the FFR, the French pension reserve fund, there is more hype outside of the Eurozone on the implications of […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund co-invests to eke out extra return

The Future Fund is accelerating its program of co-investments as a means of improving its margin of return. Its investment team broadly agrees with the recent International Monetary Fund assessment of the world now entering a five year period of low growth. So while the fund achieved returns of 14 per cent in the year […]
Investment Strategy

Blinder: a power of paradox at Princeton

Pension funds or any investor holding a slug of long-term fixed income needs to factor in some capital losses soon, says Princeton academic and former vice president of the Federal Reserve, Alan Blinder. “The timing is difficult to predict, but three or 15 months, it doesn’t matter. It is predictable,” he says. “The unpredictable part […]