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LGS bulks up investment committee

Local Government Super (LGS) has appointed Bev Durston and Robert Swift as its first independent investment committee members. Both were appointed after what the fund described as a “comprehensive search”. They will assist the committee in monitoring the performance of investment managers and oversee the work of the internal investment team and external asset consultant […]

Why is an investment philosophy important?

Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” Warren Buffet, an outstanding long-term investor. An investment philosophy is a roadmap for your fund. Imagine you are driving without a map or a GPS. All you have are signs that appear from time to time telling you what towns or villages are coming up and how […]

Better governance can add 100-200bps

Australian super funds can gain an extra 100-200bps of return by overhauling their investment committees, Roger Urwin, global head of investment strategy at Towers Watsons has urged. Speaking at his firm’s annual ideas exchange in Sydney to an audience packed with chief investment officers, he described the change in governance since the GFC as incremental […]