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Super fund fusion

Mergers can benefit superannuation funds: favourable mandate structures, terms and fees can be secured; co-investments or direct investments in unlisted assets can be made; more money to allocate becomes available in a capital-constrained world; and capital-gains-tax credits can be used to offset future profits from domestic stocks. What can go wrong? Funds don’t agree on […]
Investment Strategy

FEAL: the post-retirement challenge

The industry should stop looking for the silver-bullet post-retirement solution, with service providers needing to tailor products to the specific needs of members, the Funds Executives Association Limited (FEAL) conference heard last week. Post-retirement and the challenges it poses for member retention were a key focus, as heads of funds gathered in Sydney for FEAL’s […]
Hedge Funds

Global Dialogue spurs pension-fund collaboration

Geoff Mellor, chief executive of the £20-billion UK fund Coal Pension Trustees (CPT), used his opening words to ask why the audience of Australian superannuation bosses were still in the room. “Do you feel that travelling half-way around the world, sitting in a conference venue and listening to serial speakers is a better use of your time than […]