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Gloomy forecast for Japanese corporate governance

A pessimistic view of Japanese corporate governance reforms was heard by prominent Australian institutional investors last night at the CFA Market Forecast dinner in Melbourne. Charles Yang, chief investment officer of T&D Asset Management and past chair of the CFA Institute Board of Governors, gave his assessment of the stewardship and corporate governance codes launched […]

This time it is different

The “cosy relationships” between major companies in Japan is being broken up by a wave of corporate reform that will bring rewards for long-only investors. Timothy Griffen, portfolio manager for Lazard Asset Management, a 25 year veteran of Japanese investments who has made money in falling markets through shorting stocks, says Shinzo Abe’s three arrow […]

For how long will Japanese equities boom?

After two decades of disappointment Japanese equities posted an incredible 57 per cent return in 2013. Leading institutional investors met in Melbourne to discuss if there is more growth to come. Investing in Japanese equities comes with the baggage of around 20 years of underperformance relative to other developed nations. The causes have been a) […]