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Smart beta evolves

The name smart beta originates from Towers Watson and for Tim Unger head of advisory portfolio management at the firm, its key purpose and use by investors is to side step certain expensive fund management products. “It’s enabled investors to substantially reduce the costs of accessing strategies that were largely beta like in nature, but […]
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Weighting to global small caps causes split opinion

The thesis that institutional investors should take a higher weighting to global small caps split opinion among a panel of investors at the Fiduciary Investors’ Symposium. Andy Flynn, co-portfolio manager of global small caps at William Blair, told delegates there has been a sharp increase in the investable small cap universe over the past decade […]
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Think before jumping back into EM: Sunsuper

Don’t expect economic growth to translate into emerging market equity returns: that’s the warning from one of Australia’s investors as stock valuations begin to look more attractive. Joshua Bloom portfolio manager of Sunsuper described the five years up to 2003 as “quite special” and a boom that could not go on indefinitely into the future. […]