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Opinion: Finance and the greater good

Until last week I had never heard the words “greater good” come out of the mouth of someone in finance. “Doing good” was defined bizarrely by one person, who will remain nameless, as ensuring asset managers paid the least for their trades. The general partners at venture capital firm OneVentures define “the greater good” as […]
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State Street custody juggernaut rolls on

In 2009 Ian Martin was put in charge of State Street custody business. The Boston-based firm wasn’t happy with the way that business was performing in Australia. Three years later in the “Balmoral” conference room at State Street’s Sydney offices on George Street, Martin and his head of sales Greg O’Sullivan can barely contain their […]
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JPMorgan treasury services calls in its bankers

Superannuation funds and asset managers want advice on derivatives, investments in Asia, mergers and regulatory changes and JPMorgan has four bankers servicing such needs, says Robert Bedwell, a managing director at JPMorgan. Bedwell says his colleagues have been asked over the last 18 months about how changes in US law may affect their investments.  JPMorgan […]
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Citigroup hires Kevin Degabriele from JPMorgan

Citigroup Inc. has hired Kevin Degabriele from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to bolster its custody business, the fifth-biggest in Australia. Degabriele will join New York-based Citigroup as senior manager, client relationships and sales. He will report directly to Martin Carpenter, managing director of securities and fund services, global transactions services in Australia. “Kevin is very […]