Linda Winterbottom


Debate: Favouring IP over TPD

The following people met recently to discuss the sustainability of insurance. Jeff Humphreys, principal, CHR Consulting; Linda Winterbottom, senior rehabilitation specialist, CommInsure; Bernard O’Connor, company secretary, NGS; Helen Hewett, executive officer, Industry Funds Forum; Colin Cassidy national insurance manager, HOSTPLUS; Frank Crapis, head of industry funds, Comminsure; Margo Lydon, chief executive, SuperFriend and Russell Mason, […]

Tackling lawyer led insurance claims

Some of the most influential people in the group insurance space met in Sydney in March to discuss the sustainability of the sector. The group discussed initiatives to limit lawyer-led insurance claims and to improve data standards. The superannuation member who makes a total and permanent disability (TPD) claim through a lawyer and ends up […]
Investment Strategy

End discrimination against mental health sufferers

Superannuation funds can play a key role in improving medical health care in Australia and closing a $20-billion hole in national productivity, according to a former government adviser. Speaking at a CommInsure | Conexus Financial seminar in Melbourne, John Mendoza, director of ConNetica and former chair of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health, said […]