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Top business schools inspire MTAA and Energy Super

Two of the most prestigious business schools in the world have encouraged the winners of the FEAL fund executive of the year award to focus on values, one’s legacy as a leader and on ways to deploy greater emotional intelligence. Robyn Petrou, chief executive of Energy Super, returned this week from from a course at […]

Hedge funds: sheep in wolves’ clothing

Hedge funds are sheep in wolves’ clothing, they are claiming their returns to be alpha, but a large part of it is driven by beta, Narayan Naik, professor of finance, London Business School told delegates at an investment think-tank in London this month. The good news, Naik says, is a new era has dawned in […]
FEAL Annual Conference

Deadline looms for fund executive of the year award

What did former winners of the fund executive of the year and the FEAL Masters Program Scholarship spend their prize winning education grants on? Kate Hage talks to Bruce Watson and Michelle Di Fabio. A $20,000 investment in your future: it’s a grant that’s led to top superannuation executives seeing the Dalai Lama and fund […]
FEAL Annual Conference

UniSuper: frontline leadership

UniSuper’s Terry McCredden says that leadership in the superannuation industry starts at the front line rather than from the top, and staff should be empowered to look for opportunities to innovate and improve in every day of their working lives. McCredden took time out from the recent Fund Executives Association Limited (FEAL) national conference to […]