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Hedge Funds

Super funds get closer to optimal long term investing

Superannuation funds are tapping into a global research project to find a new form of long-term investment management. The Thinking Ahead Institute is pooling feedback from a group of 31 international fund managers and pension funds to help create the structure for a long term mandate that has scale, low fees and ultimately gives members […]

100% ESG

The recently launched Good Super is dedicated to pursuing investments that overcome the “grand challenges” in Australian society, writes RACHEL ALEMBAKIS. Aron Ping D’Souza, executive chairman of Good Super, believes superannuation provides the combination of time, money, and intent needed to answer “grand challenges” facing Australian society. If it invests wisely he believes it can […]

Maverick Series video – Gonski part VI

If the average length of stay by shareholders in the top 200 US companies is 20 minutes, what is the impact of that on long-term investing? Watch David Gonski, chairman of the Future Fund, share his views on high-frequency trading and the economics of investment.
Investment Strategy

IFM dismisses brokers, analyst forecasts

Industry Funds Management’s Clyde Haldane says stock brokers don’t like him. “The dealers hate us,” says the executive director, listed equities at Melbourne-based IFM. “We buy or sell one stock a year.” Haldane says he has been thinking about long-term investing for 15 years but has only been putting his theories into practise seven years. […]