Louise Davidson

Policy and Regulation

Sustainable investors on the “right side of history”

World leaders have called for sustainability reporting by companies to become normal practice and for such metrics to be used by investors. The UN Sustainable Development Summit at UN headquarters in New York has created global goals for stock exchanges, investors and companies. The launch was celebrated with a special closing bell ceremony at the […]
Hedge Funds

The metamorphosis of passive managers

Industry funds, with their ideology and history of affecting change due to profit-for-member motives, have been instrumental in driving transformation over the past decade, pressuring passive fund managers to vote their stock in companies. Investment Magazine examines how this is changing the skill set of passive managers and if this will impact on costs. Increasing pressure […]
Policy and Regulation

Remuneration of CEOs underreported

Remuneration of CEOs in the ASX200, based on the estimates from the end of year financial reports, is underreported by millions of dollars. Australia’s 10 highest-paid chief executives collectively reaped $70 million more than reported in their companies’ FY14 annual reports, according to new research from the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI). ACSI’s annual […]
Investment Strategy

Investors turning against ASX executive pay

There has been an increase in votes against remunerations reports for the ASX 200 in 2015 according to the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI). The companies with the highest votes against were Spark Infrastructure (24.7 per cent), Technology One (24.3 per cent) and Santos (23.4 per cent), all of which were close to the […]
Hedge Funds

Super funds’ priorities reshaping passive managers

The sheer weight of assets held by passive managers is dramatically increasing their power to engage with companies on issues of corporate governance and ESG. Investment Magazine investigates the mixed messages coming out of the three biggest passive managers as they attempt to meet engagement expectations from institutional investors. Two trends are causing institutional investors to ask more from passive management, fuelling a change […]