Hedge Funds

The unspoken problem of funds manager stress

Markets fall. Heads roll, salaries and bonuses are slashed, businesses fold. Managers are under the spotlight more then ever, but there is a personal toll that is not often talked about. CATHERINE JAMES reports. When David Bowie and Freddie Mercury sang a duet about stress, they said it splits families in two, and puts people […]
Investment Strategy

Payola: How to win funds and influence people: cracking the soft dollar code

Investment banks have become major direct service providers to private client and retail investor portfolios, mostly through their structured products. Yet they are conspicuous by their absence from wholesale manager menus. MICHAEL BAILEY examines whether the banks’ transactional culture can become acceptable to conservative superannuation funds, and whether they might find their biggest role in […]
Investment Strategy

The Nasdaq-listed Morningstar Inc has continued its shopping expedition with a US$10 million purchase of the hedge fund and separately managed account database of software firm InvestorForce.