Women vulnerable in SMSFs

Those wishing to enter into a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) should have to meet a minimum balance under legislation, says HESTA chief executive Anne-Marie Corboy. Speaking at last week’s CMSF in Brisbane on the panel discussion A Long Way to the Finish Line, Corboy (pictured below) said women in particular are vulnerable when signing on […]

Tax-managed equity index investing

Active tax management can be used to enhance after-tax returns of indexed Australian and international equity portfolios for superannuation funds. The systematic and prudent implementation of tactics such as capital-gains/loss management and holding-period management can add real after-tax value. Simulations and back tests carried out by Parametric consistently demonstrate added value in the range of […]

Funds vow to fight SMSF exodus

Leading superannuation funds are preparing to strike back against the appeal of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) by offering inhouse self-managed options to members. In a panel session which revealed how SMSFs now represent 32 per cent of all superannuation funds, larger than any other sector, HOSTPLUS said it would be offering members a self-managed investment […]
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Editor’s pick #7

The “occupy”movement has a woman problem White House can’t quite get itself to condemn violence by Egypt military, so urges only “restraint on all sides.” Human rights of women and girls at ‘extreme risk’ in nearly half the countries in the world<
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Editors Pick #2

Mario Batali Is Sorry Yahoo is searching for a future. It offers a spectacle that involves huge war chests and equally inflated egos Speech by Philip Lowe, Assistant Governor, to Australian Farm Institute Agriculture Roundtable Conference, Melbourne – Study: Asian American teens are bullied more than youths belonging to any other racial group An unemployment […]
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Target-date funds are dangerously misused: survey

New research from the US shows that a high proportion of both pension fund sponsors and individual investors are misusing target-date funds, which is likely to lead to suboptimal investment outcomes. The research, by global manager Janus Capital in association with a magazine company and a research group, shows that investor education is particularly inadequate […]