Maverick Series


Maverick Series video – Gonski part VI

If the average length of stay by shareholders in the top 200 US companies is 20 minutes, what is the impact of that on long-term investing? Watch David Gonski, chairman of the Future Fund, share his views on high-frequency trading and the economics of investment.

Maverick Series video – David Gonski part V

He works at the highest level across several sectors, so what does one of superannuation’s biggest players think of the industry in which he works? Watch Future Fund chair David Gonski discuss the super funds industry with Conexus Financial chief executive, Colin Tate.

Maverick Series video: Gonski part IV

A Chinese proverb says “women hold up half the sky” and, while Australia may have been among one of the first nations to implement universal suffrage, glass ceilings can still be a hazard for professional women in this day and age. See what Future Fund chair David Gonski has to say on equal representation on super […]

Maverick Video Series: Gonski

In the first of its Maverick Series, we interview David Gonski, chair of the Future Fund, in a six-part series. Here, Gonski talks about governance and his role as chair. David Gonski was appointed chair of Australia’s $80 billion sovereign wealth fund, The Future Fund, in April 2012 for a five-year term, he is also […]