Hedge Funds

Mortgage biggest cohort consideration: REST

Pre-retirees are prioritising paying off mortgages ahead of retirement planning, suggesting cohorts based on debt liabilities should be considered, says Paul Sayer, chief operating officer REST. The findings are based on member research carried out by REST. “People are living longer and thinking about a longer investment horizon, but they want to pay that debt […]

Early intervention key
to easing claims

There’s an endless tide of flow-on effects from the stark growth in the volume of claims across the life insurance sector. While it’s encouraging that more Australians are becoming aware of the availability of their life insurance benefits, the rise in disability claims in particular places enormous financial and societal pressure on funds, insurers, reinsurers, […]
Investment Strategy

AAS targets state super funds, mutual trusts

Link Group is seeking to win the administration contracts with state superannuation funds and retail master trusts may be future customers for its administration services unit AAS. After investing about $150 million in its technology systems, the Retail Employees Superannuation Trust, a $20 billion fund with 1.9 million members, renewed its administration contract with AAS […]