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Better beta from
less passive indexes

Tim Gardener was disgruntled. “I worry about the corporate bond space. If you invest according to market capitalisation in the corporate bond space, you invest the maximum amount of your allocated money in the most indebted companies, all else being equal,” Gardener said in an interview at AXA Investment Managers’ London office on May 25. “Lending more […]
Hedge Funds

Seeking action from ESG

The controversial state of financial regulation around the globe, the difficulties of green investing and watching asset consultants go head-to-head in front of a room full of potential clients were some of the highlights of the Australian Council of Super Investors (ACSI) annual conference. Held in Melbourne last month, the conference had a strong focus on […]
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Independent planners claim $20b pledged for their platform

The Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners (AIOFP) says $20 billion of its members’ funds under advice have been pledged to a platform business it has established,  which will use two of the ‘big four’ banks for administration, but will not let them have the trusteeship, which has instead been outsourced to a company owned […]