Michael Dundon

Investment Strategy

VicSuper puts cash in hand

VicSuper is putting physical cash into the hands of its members as part of a campaign to engage people with their superannuation balance. The fund has built a vault where the public can come and hold their account balance, whether that is $10,000 or $800,000, in an attempt to overcome the lethargy towards most people’s […]
Hedge Funds

VicSuper incorporating natural capital into investment decisions

Natural capital is the stock of natural resources, including land, air, water and living organisms, which yield goods and services thereby providing inputs, both directly and indirectly, to businesses and society. The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) is a global initiative run for financial institutions that aims to price in the full value of natural capital into […]

VicSuper gets into bed with Challenger

VicSuper claims to have launched Australia’s first ever public offer comprehensive income product for retirement (CIPR) in partnership with annuity provider Challenger. The offer combines a pension product created by VicSuper’s in-house team with a flexible guaranteed fixed income product from Challenger created after feedback from VicSuper members. VicSuper currently has 20 per cent of […]