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New boss at BNP not seeking to be number one

BNP Paribas Securities Services has no aim of being number one custodian in the Australian market according to its new head of business, Ian Perkins. The custodian currently has the third largest amount of assets under custody in the Australian market at around $320 billion, behind JP Morgan at $463 billion and NAB Asset Servicing […]

Middle office evolution

Should super funds expand their middle offices as they grow, or is it more efficient for them to rely on an expanded range of services from custodians? Leading super fund chief financial officers, consultants and representatives of NAB Asset Servicing met in Melbourne recently to discuss this. Philip Hope, chief executive of Morse Consulting, has […]
Investment Strategy

Multi-boutique model shows signs of stress

The multi-boutique model is a simple one. High quality investment professionals partner with financially strong institutions. The investment professionals focus exclusively on managing money and the institution takes care of everything else. The business is presented to market as one having all the benefits of a standalone boutique – the investment team is aligned with its […]