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Legalsuper appoints its first CIO

Edward Smith is to become Legalsuper’s first chief investment officer on June 29. Smith is joining the $2.6 billion fund from Australian Unity, where he was head of portfolio management and responsible for a team managing the assets of several friendly societies, two health companies, the non-lending assets of a building society and wholesale and […]
Hedge Funds

Legalsuper to finally get its CIO

Legalsuper hopes to announce its first ever chief investment officer at the end of this month. This is the $2.6 billion industry fund’s second try at appointing a CIO, after its search in October for a senior industry figure looking to convert from a full-time to a part-time role did not yield enough candidates. Changing […]
Investment Strategy

Legalsuper seeks first ever CIO

An experienced investment professional seeking a better work-life balance is being sought by Legalsuper as its first ever chief investment officer. The $2.3 billion fund for Australia’s legal community hopes to gain a senior figure who wants to work two to three days a week. An announcement from Legalsuper lists the attractions of the role […]