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Eaton Vance, Hexavest launch global fund

Boston-based investment manager Eaton Vance, which established a new Australian office late last year, has launched a global equity fund in the Australian market targeting institutional investors. Eaton Vance is offering the Eaton Vance (Australia) Hexavest All-Country Global Equity Fund, which is managed through the firm’s new 49-per-cent interest, Montreal-based manager Hexavest. Industry superannuation fund, […]
Investment Strategy

Plane old Castlereagh

When Nicholas Allen, the friendly new face of fund manager Eaton Vance, bumped into me in the street and asked me if I had been behaving myself, he didn’t know the half of it. Sadly, Nicholas and I were traveling in different directions as he assiduously expended shoe leather in the cause of his new […]
Investment Strategy

Eaton Vance gets serious downunder

Nicholas Allen, founder of Allen, Allen and Partners, has been working on an informal level with Eaton Vance in Australia but will now step away from his own firm to take on the role of country head. “Three or four years ago when Eaton Vance came to the market, my role was to navigate this […]