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Hedge Funds

VicSuper’s gulf between global and domestic equities to grow

VicSuper’s unusually large bias to international equities is set to grow over structural and cyclical concerns on the Australian economy. The $14 billion fund has 32 per cent of assets in global equities, 18 per cent in Australian equities and 11.5 per cent in emerging market equities. The third annual Casey Quirk/ Top 1000 funds […]

Super Salary Survey: How do they line up?

Two philosophies dominate superannuation remuneration – those who believe top dollar and bonuses attract the best, and those who believe this is the antithesis of the profit-to-members ethos John Pearce, chief investment officer of UniSuper, was the highest paid employee in industry superannuation in 2014.  In a not-for-profit sector where there is widespread unease at high […]