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Investment Strategy

Rugby helps PacWealth land $1.1-billion mandate

In 2009 Adam Hill was in Papua New Guinea, working in a Port Moresby accountancy office by day and coaching rugby union by night. Then the country’s national team the Pukpuks, or crocodiles, called. They didn’t want a coach. The Pukpuks wanted Hill, who had played more than 100 first-grade games for Sydney rugby club […]
Investment Strategy

PNG gives PacWealth $1.1 billion

PacWealth Capital, a Port Moresby-based investment management and advisory firm, has been given a $1.1 billion mandate by Papua New Guinea’s National Superannuation Fund. “The mandate is evidence of the evolution of financial services in PNG that is being driven by wealth creation in a range of industries including mining,” says Ian Jenkins, PacWealth’s chief […]