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Wingate Asset Management wants $1 billion

Wingate Asset Management, the global stock investor backed by Australian Unity Investments, says it can bolster the size of its fund 20 fold in two years. The Melbourne-based firm’s founder Chad Padowitz says it is no great stretch for the firm to increase its assets under management to $1 billion from $50 million with the […]
Investment Strategy

Editor’s pick #7

The “occupy”movement has a woman problem White House can’t quite get itself to condemn violence by Egypt military, so urges only “restraint on all sides.” Human rights of women and girls at ‘extreme risk’ in nearly half the countries in the world<
Investment Strategy

Editor’s pick #6

Ehud Barak’s latest statements on Iran actually exonerate it VIDEO: Tahrir Square ‘part two’ Quietly, Google Puts History Online Jose Pimentel Is Charged in N.Y.C. Bomb Plot Libya: Reported Capture of Abdullah Sanussi