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Investment Strategy

AustralianSuper achieves 9 bps cost for internal equities

AustralianSuper has achieved costs of only 9 basis points on its internally run domestic equities portfolio, two years after it first launched. In a presentation on internal management at AIST ASI on the Gold Coast, Peter Curtis, head of investment operations at the $90 billion fund, told how this figure would decrease once the global […]

AustralianSuper contemplates foreign outposts

AustralianSuper has posed the question of whether it should have its own investment management and currency hedging teams based in Europe and America. Peter Curtis, head of investment operations at the $85 billion fund, who was speaking at the Investment Administration Conference in Sydney, said this was a model used by larger pension funds internationally. […]
Investment Strategy

The rise of smart beta

A growing understanding of how smart beta works is exposing the way some managers are charging high fees for the same product and labeling it as active, claims Towers Watson. The remarks were made in a presentation to leading institutional investors at the Conexus Financial Fiduciary Investors Symposium in the Blue Mountains, by Hugh Dougherty, […]

Inhouse target: zero to $40 billion in 4 years

If everything continues on schedule, the $60-billion AustralianSuper will begin testing its new internal investment-management systems this month, with a view to managing its first money in house in the third quarter of 2013. Within four years the fund expects to manage as much as $40 billion in house, funded primarily from cash flow, and […]

Is governance keeping up with financial innovation?

AustralianSuper’s aspiration to move 30 per cent of its assets inhouse has prompted a review of its governance environment to ensure it can accommodate those internal investments. The fund attributes about 86 per cent of its risk to portfolio strategy, investment operations, strategy and asset allocation, according to head of investment operations, Peter Curtis, and […]
Hedge Funds

AustralianSuper brings it in-house

The $46-billion industry-superannuation fund, AustralianSuper, has started the search for a senior portfolio manager to head a new internal equity-management team. This is the first step of a process that will see as much as 30 per cent of the fund’s assets managed in-house within five years. AustralianSuper’s head of investment operations, Peter Curtis, says […]