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Fixed Income

The new defensive: Is there life after bonds?

Investors are facing some deeper thinking about defensive asset classes, portfolio diversification and income generation in light of the diminished attributes bonds now hold in light of unique circumstances financial markets are throwing up. Experts discuss the evolving environment and consider relevant defensive strategies.
CIO profiles

Granular asset allocation – David Neal, CIO profile

Many will quickly tell you there is greater return to be made from smart asset allocation than from manager selection, but few investors will jump to expand on this theory the way the Future Fund does. For David Neal, chief investment officer of the fund, strategic portfolio construction is typically done at too high a […]
Investment Strategy

AvSuper mandate for Perpetual

The aviation industry-based superannuation fund AvSuper has awarded a $75-million mandate to Perpetual Investments, to be managed in a concentrated Australian equity strategy. AvSuper has about $1.4 billion in funds under management and 6100 members. The concentrated equity strategy is managed by Paul Skamvougeras, who says the concentrated equity portfolio typically holds about 30 stocks. […]
Investment Strategy

“Risk parity” the new black

Wai Lee, chief investment officer and director of research at New York-based Neuberger Berman Risk management in portfolio construction begins with “knowing your universe” and understanding your investment goals, according to an award winning fund manager. Wai Lee, chief investment officer and director of research at New York-based Neuberger Berman, was named winner of the […]
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Castlereagh is feeling his age

I&T News has a new columnist, one of Sydney’s biggest investors and wheeler-dealers, who goes by the nom de plum, Castlereagh. Not only has my gout flared up again after a big week on the lunch circuit, but I’m scratching my head and wondering if the financial world is passing me by. Here’s the thing. I’m […]