Professor Deborah Ralston

Post-retirement: What we don’t know

It has been morbidly quipped that ‘post-retirement’ refers to the dead, as that is what lies next for retirees. Of course, what post-retirement really refers to is the time after someone switches their income from a salary to a financial service product, typically in the form of a pension or drawing down a lump sum. […]

The ruin-year comes closer to being revealed

A ground-breaking study into the ruin-year of drawndown account balances is being undertaken by an Australian conglomerate of academics, industry stakeholders and regulators. The ruin-year, the time in a post-retirees life when their account balance hits zero, is just one subject amongst several being researched by the consortium. Anecdotally there are contrasting stories of how […]
Hedge Funds

Academics to optimise super

A $9-million grant to academics to discover ways of improving the superannuation system will help put Australia in a position to sell its know-how to the rest of the world. This call by Simon McKeon, former Australian of the year and chair of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), was made as he […]