Industry View

Good riddance oh-eight, but still a lot on funds’ plate

There’s no doubt that 2008 was a tough year for super funds – the toughest since compulsory super was introduced. But few in the super industry think 2009 will be any less challenging. Since the start of this year, most of the key economic indicators coming out of the US, Europe and Asia have been […]
Investment Strategy

Merger ship comes in for Stevedores and Seafarers

The Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund (SERF) and the Seafarers Retirement Fund (SRF) will merge to create one super fund for the maritime industry: Maritime Super. The combined fund, slated to merge January 1, 2009, is expected to have 27,000 members and between $3.2 and 3.5 billion in funds under management. There has been talk of […]