Qantas Superannuation Plan


Qantas Super excels at segmentation

Cheap, effective member segmentation starts with an Excel spreadsheet, according to Jane Perry, chief executive of Qantas Super, who has recently used it to initiate targeted communications. The fund’s return on investment has been a 23 per cent response rate to a targeted mail shot aimed at gaining email and mobile phone numbers from members […]
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Inside the Qantas
investment engine

Basis points matter, according to Andrew Spence, chief investment officer of the $6-billion Qantas Superannuation Plan, because the volumes of money in superannuation are “enormous.” He is not talking about incremental investment gains on billions of dollars of invested capital. He’s speaking about saving money. Specifically, the $1.42 million that the fund saved in the […]
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Qantas Super tracks market threats with RiskMetrics

Qantas Superannuation Plan has begun using a RiskMetrics system to gauge how its $6 billion in assets can withstand various investment risks. The fund, which manages the retirement savings of more than 33,000 Qantas Group employees, started using the RiskMetrics product, called RiskManager, in late June to better track how changes in investment markets affect […]
Investment Strategy

Qantas Super hires WorkCover NSW’s investments boss

The $6-billion Qantas Superannuation Plan has hired Chris Grogan, the former acting-general manager of investments at WorkCover Authority of New South Wales, to reduce the costs of investing. Grogan and Matt Wacher, who joined the fund in February from Russell Investments, are responsible for limiting foreign exchange and tax losses and improving the fund’s risk […]