Raewyn Williams

Hedge Funds

Hartley calls for fee clarity

David Hartley, chief investment officer of Sunsuper, has challenged the industry to publish for members the costs of running their fund alongside the cost of direct fund management fees and an estimate of trading fees. He believes not only do trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to disclose fund costs as a proportion of fees to […]
Hedge Funds

Only one fund saving millions through tax efficiency

This week marks the two year anniversary of Qantas Super becoming the first Australian superannuation fund to implement tax managed centralised portfolio management. Last year it saved $23.6 million for members in its default fund – a figure similar to the year before, or an average of 38.3 basis points per year since it launched […]
Policy and Regulation

After-tax outcomes beyond July 1

Superannuation funds delaying after-tax investment compliance should not be neglecting implementation of solutions in the lead-up to the July-1 deadline for Stronger Super, says Raewyn Williams, head of tax consulting at Russell Investments. From July 1 it will be compulsory for superannuation trustees to focus on post-tax outcomes as part of the new Stronger Super […]
Investment Strategy

Russell ranks managers’ post-tax performance

Russell Investments plans to rank managers quarterly on their after-tax performance, with the results informing the consultant’s manager-selection decision-making processes. Raewyn Williams, Russell’s director of after-tax investment strategies, says the consultant has launched an after-tax benchmarking survey, which it sent out to more than 110 Australian equity managers this week. The survey aims to provide […]