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Hedge Funds

Future Fund co-invests to eke out extra return

The Future Fund is accelerating its program of co-investments as a means of improving its margin of return. Its investment team broadly agrees with the recent International Monetary Fund assessment of the world now entering a five year period of low growth. So while the fund achieved returns of 14 per cent in the year […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund creates twin leadership roles

The Future Fund has promoted internally to fill its chief investment officer role, while passing the responsibility for portfolio risk setting to another role. Dr Raphael Arndt, the fund’s former head of infrastructure and timberland, is now CIO, while Stephen Gilmore, the fund’s current head of investment strategy, will take on responsibility for monitoring total […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund innovates on performance fees

The Future Fund has created a novel way to structure agreements with managers on two of its Australian airport investments to improve alignment and incentivise project management skills. The move springs from the fund’s belief that the measurement of infrastructure performance is opaque and that Australian airports could be better managed. Speaking at the ASFA […]