Hedge Funds

Property at an all-time high, but not much to buy

The spread between the yield on bond and core domestic property is at an all-time high, says AMP Capital, but investors are finding it hard to allocate amidst a greater number of international buyers and concerns at office overcapacity. The recent drop in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cash rate to 2.25 per cent […]
Investment Strategy

Flight from cash imminent: AMP Capital

Falling official interest rates in Australia will dampen individual investors’ appetite for cash term deposits and increase appetite for dividend-paying stocks, listed property and other yielding assets, according to AMP Capital Investors. The Sydney-based fund manager, which oversees about $100 billion in assets, official interest rates to fall from 3.5 per cent to 3 per […]
Investment Strategy

Macfarlane ignores most business reporting

Ian Macfarlane is content to ignore most business reporting. The former Reserve Bank of Australia governor did, however, read the work of six or so economic reporters. “We talked to the press who had a long-standing commitment to the beat,” says Macfarlane. “Part of your job is getting your message out to the wider public.” […]
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John Howard, Hugh Dougherty and investing

New York City. Turn of the century. Markets are booming. Champagne is flowing. Good times. A group of Australian chief executives has been flown to the city that never sleeps by investment bankers, Merrill Lynch. The CEOs are in a hotel conference room together with the chief investment officers of firms such as Capital Asset […]