Investment Strategy

Unisuper sets two day claims target

Unisuper has built up the size of its insurance claims team to the point where most applications now take less than two days to process in a bid to reduce the size of claims and to boost the chances of member rehabilitation. Over the last few months the fund has increased the size of its […]
Investment Strategy

Group insurance: Six ideas for speedier rehabilitaton

Six principles for helping employees engage in return to work programs and reduce group insurance premiums have been published by AIA Australia. The principles were identified after independent research carried out by rehabilitation expert Petrina Casey for AIA Australia, which gathered data and experience from programs around the world as well as speaking to those […]

AIA researches rehab, restructures claims team

AIA has undergone two years of extensive trials to gain insights on rehabilitation in life insurance. “We believe helping to get claimants back to work is a great outcome for the claimant and a win for everyone involved. It improves the morale of the employer and their workplace, and crucially, the claimant themselves,” said Damien […]

Early intervention key
to easing claims

There’s an endless tide of flow-on effects from the stark growth in the volume of claims across the life insurance sector. While it’s encouraging that more Australians are becoming aware of the availability of their life insurance benefits, the rise in disability claims in particular places enormous financial and societal pressure on funds, insurers, reinsurers, […]