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The glass jar and the black box

For most of January, myself and my colleague Dan Purves compiled a survey of the pay disclosure of superannuation CEOs, CIOs and chairs. It would have been an easier job if funds had not often placed this information in the darkest recesses of their websites. Such secrecy partly explains why the subsequent articles have been […]
Industry View

AIST viewpoint: $77bn still paying commission

The long-awaited release of MySuper data by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has revealed some interesting numbers that must not be ignored. The data – contained in the first of an ongoing quarterly APRA report on the MySuper landscape – includes a range of new information on the 116 MySuper products. The report provides an […]
Investment Strategy

Retail fund directors scrutinised over commissions

The revelation that as much as seven per cent of money in APRA-approved default funds will pay out commissions to advisers until 2017 has led to hard questions on the role of independent directors in retail funds. Speaking at the AIST governance symposium in Melbourne, several speakers expressed surprise that such a large proportion of […]
Investment Strategy

MySuper fee average 1pc-1.3pc, Chant West

The advent of MySuper has led to a convergence in fees between non-profit funds and actively managed retail funds. Chant West’s Super Fund Fee Survey shows fees for non-profit funds increasing from 97 to 101 basis points on average, while fees for actively managed retail funds have fallen from 146 to 132 basis points. The […]
Hedge Funds

Retail funds to compete on price not diversity

Liquidity constraints and a desire to compete on price is leading retail funds increasingly diverging from industry funds, according research firm Chant West. Warren Chant, director of Chant West, was speaking in advance of a presentation on the 81 MySuper products launched so far at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium in Victoria November 18 to 20. […]
Hedge Funds

MySuper: retail funds yet to pounce

Some retail providers have deliberately held back their MySuper applications so as to differentiate themselves from industry funds, an analyst has claimed. Nigel Pittaway, managing director insurance and diversified financials research, Citi Research, said retail providers were under pressure as they were having to squeeze margins to compete with the low fees of industry funds, […]
Investment Strategy

Heath Behncke says Sigma is a different boutique

When Heath Behncke was at the Australian Institute of Sport’s water-polo program, he learned about hard work and tough decisions. Behncke hoped to make it to the Olympics as a member of the Australian water polo team. But the Tamworth native thought he was outside the 13-man group that would be picked for the Olympics […]