FEAL Annual Conference

Mentor urges executives to change their ways

Delegates at the FEAL National Conference were asked to stand on one foot with their eyes closed to illustrate how a lack of feedback could harm them. Kamal Sarma, chief executive of Rezilium, said that without visual feedback it was harder to balance. He linked the exercise to the danger of having the most junior […]
FEAL Annual Conference

Executives’ pride comes before a fall

A preponderance of highly confident and sometimes arrogant individuals in financial services can inhibit the scope for companies to cope with change, according to one of Australia’s foremost leadership advisors. Kamal Sarma, managing director of Rezilium, believes that the unprecedented pace of change in business has created a greater need for leaders and organisations to […]
Investment Strategy

FEAL members offered personal development

The Fund Executives Association (FEAL), in conjunction with T Rowe Price, has launched a resilience partnership with strategic leadership development firm, Rezilium, to enable super fund executives and their teams to access resilience coaching. Joanna Davison, chief executive of FEAL, said the partnership was recognition that executives often struggle to cope with the conflicting imposts […]