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What CIOs want from fund managers

The fourth annual Investment Magazine CIO Sentiment Survey created by Casey Quirk and run in conjunction with has gained the feedback of 29 chief investment officers and heads of investment locally. This industry-leading insight into the working practices of the largest funds in Australia is part of a global survey of institutional investors. Superannuation […]
Hedge Funds

New proposal for defining a defensive asset

Defensive assets should be determined on an individual asset basis, rather than on an asset class level, delegates heard at the Conexus Financial Fiduciary Investors Symposium. Paul Caskey, chief investment officer of the South Australian work injury insurance scheme ReturnToWorkSA, presented a new formula for helping to determine which funds could be included in the […]
Hedge Funds

HOSTPLUS will never divest from infrastructure

HOSTPLUS will never divest from infrastructure, despite record valuations, because of the cash flow it brings into the fund coupled with the rarity of obtaining the asset. At a time of high valuations in the asset class, research by some organisations such as Frontier Advisors, has suggested the selling of infrastructure might be a good […]