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Room at the top: the Future Fund

With its 10th birthday approaching, the Future Fund is entering its next incarnation complete with a new investment team structure. Investment Magazine spoke to Raphael Arndt, Stephen Gilmore and David Neal.  When David Neal, the inaugural chief investment officer of the Future Fund, became its managing director on August 4 last year, his previous role was split […]
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Future Fund reallocates assets to reduce risk

The Future Fund has shifted its allocation away from developed markets equities and debt securities as it uses dynamic management to reduce risk levels at the margins. The volatile environment in global markets has led, in the past year, to a portfolio reduction of 360 basis points of equities in developed markets, a 130 basis […]
Hedge Funds

Future Fund creates twin leadership roles

The Future Fund has promoted internally to fill its chief investment officer role, while passing the responsibility for portfolio risk setting to another role. Dr Raphael Arndt, the fund’s former head of infrastructure and timberland, is now CIO, while Stephen Gilmore, the fund’s current head of investment strategy, will take on responsibility for monitoring total […]