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Investment Strategy

IFM dismisses brokers, analyst forecasts

Industry Funds Management’s Clyde Haldane says stock brokers don’t like him. “The dealers hate us,” says the executive director, listed equities at Melbourne-based IFM. “We buy or sell one stock a year.” Haldane says he has been thinking about long-term investing for 15 years but has only been putting his theories into practise seven years. […]
Investment Strategy

ASIC wants “bad apples” out of finance

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission wants to ensure “bad apples” in finance are culled. The regulator, that enforces company and financial services law, is seeking to be more assertive. ASIC will have a “proactive, regulatory approach,” says commissioner Peter Kell. Regulators will be “more forward looking” in addressing risk. Kell, citing an ANZ survey, […]