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The future super fund CEO

Let’s for a moment think about what a major super fund might look like in 10 years’ time and what that will mean for a future chief executive. Firstly, a quick reminder of the industry shape in a decade. The received wisdom is that the superannuation fund industry could well end up with a small […]
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An operational revolution

The Australian superannuation industry has been placed under tremendous pressure from a variety of directions. In recent years it has suffered countless government inquiries into fees charged to members. As guardians of national wealth, some of this attention is expected. In response, industry funds now have an opportunity to prepare for the future and end […]
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AIST view point: comparing standards of governance

It’s become fashionable – particularly with the current discussion stemming from the Financial System Inquiry – to compare super funds to banks.  This is particularly so when the talk turns to governance. Speaking at the recent ASFA conference in Melbourne, the former federal treasurer Peter Costello commented that super funds should be subject to the […]