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2013: another 3D feature

A year ago, in early 2012, the global economy was healing gradually. Growth rates in the developed world and some emerging markets were well below the long-term averages, if not actually negative. Investor confidence was fragile, with sentiment overshadowed by concerns over the banking system and public finance in the euro area. So, what has […]
Investment Strategy

UBS Asset Management’s Curt Custard is unhappy

Curt Custard, head of global investment solutions at UBS Global Asset Management, is “very, very disappointed” with his investment banking colleagues. Perhaps even a little mad. But he displays similar sentiments toward US Republican presidential candidates, politicians in general, Europe and John Maynard Keynes. At UBS asset management “nobody is as frustrated as ourselves as […]
Investment Strategy

Matthew Drennan to leave Zurich asset management

Matthew Drennan, who was in charge of about $5 billion in assets under management at Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd., will leave the company by the end of the month. Zurich is merging its investments and life insurance business. Drennan, a nine-year company veteran, has been discarded. He will not be replaced. “I’m assessing my […]