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Hedge Funds

Christian Super, VicSuper, First State Super, HESTA contribute to impact investing research

At least four super funds are contributing to the inaugural Impact Investor Survey which aims to provide critical insights to help grow the opportunities for investments that deliver positive social or environmental impacts in addition to a financial return. Christian Super, First State Super, HESTA and VicSuper, who have all separately shown leadership in this […]
Hedge Funds

The rationale for in-house management

Christian Super, a $1 billion fund, insourced its impact investing portfolio because despite searching for a fund manager they couldn’t find one to take what they felt was a compelling investment case. Presenting at the Fiduciary Investors’ Symposium the fund shared its experience of moving insourcing, including cash and domestic fixed income, which were brought […]
Hedge Funds

Returns of human value

Narrow is the road that Christian Super takes in the pursuit of returns. It negatively screens the ASX300, avoiding stocks that focus on alcohol or gambling, and going beyond the call of the average institutional investor’s duty by putting a lot of energy into investments that help make the world a better place. Around 8 […]