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Global hunt for yield drives Aussie bonds

Global investors’ hunt for return has become so keen that Australian bonds have in recent months seen high correlations with changes in yields on German bunds, according to UBS Global Asset Management. After making headlines for negative yields in March, German bund yields rallied in April and Australian bonds yields followed suit despite domestic economic […]
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Simon Shields to leave UBS job, start hedge fund

Simon Shields, the head of Australian equities at UBS Global Asset Management, will leave the company to set up a hedge fund with his colleague Shane Fitzgerald. “Shane and I are going to set up a fund in April,” says Shields. A Standard & Poor’s report says the new fund will have “a total return […]
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UBS signs senior REIT analyst

UBS Global Asset Management is in post-Centro recovery mode with its appointment of an analyst in global real estate securities to replace Andrew McGrath and David Curtis, co-portfolio managers, who resigned in late October.