Investment Strategy

Industry questions GetUp! super campaign

A new video campaign by advocacy group GetUp! criticising the tax concessions afforded higher income earners has drawn a mixed response from the superannuation industry, with some questioning the accuracy and validity of the message. On its website, GetUp! is calling for the public to sign up for “fairer super”, with a video that says a […]

Maverick Series video – David Gonski part V

He works at the highest level across several sectors, so what does one of superannuation’s biggest players think of the industry in which he works? Watch Future Fund chair David Gonski discuss the super funds industry with Conexus Financial chief executive, Colin Tate.
Investment Strategy

Fiona Reynolds farewells AIST

Conexus Financial recently hosted a farewell for Fiona Reynolds at Quay Bar in Sydney, as she departs AIST as CEO to take up the role of managing director of UNPRI, based in London. Watch our summary video below and for photos of the event, click here. For a full transcript of Fiona’s speech, click here.