Platform provider Skandia has terminated it’s partnership with Bluedoor Technologies, saying the vendor’s registry solution was too far-reaching to be installed effectively.

A year-old heads of agreement between Skandia and Bluedoor was cancelled on February 6, one of the first actions of Skandia’s general manager of retail, Andrew Black, who arrived from St. George Bank to replace Mark Papendieck in January. Black said that’s ambitious objective – to replace Skandia’s separate systems for registry, imaging, workflow, reporting, planner desktop interface and call centre management with a single streamlined solution – “;didn’t seem capable of being delivered in a timely fashion…the complexity meant it was hard to get everybody on the same page in terms of implementation.”; Bluedoor’s head of sales and marketing, Karen De Angelis, said her firm had met all its milestones under the heads of agreement, and that the decision not to proceed to contract was due to failure to agree commercial terms. has been successfully installed at Axa North, the protected pension product. “;Everything from the home page through to the backoffice reporting is us,”; De Angelis said, adding that two more globally-owned third party administration businesses were currently working to install Skandia’s Black said that in the short term he would emphasise manual work-arounds to ensure that “;the planner’s experience with Skandia is where it needs to be”;. Over time, he said each of Skandia’s internal systems would be replaced on a “;more piecemeal, more manageable basis”;, but the solutions would need to be open-architecture so that connectivity could be built between them. Skandia’s existing registry system, known as Ulla, was “;designed for an industry and a company that’s since moved on,”; Black said. For instance, it cannot handle an investor moving from an accumulation to a pension phase. It was also designed to service Skandia as a start-up in Australia eight years ago, whereas the platform is now used by 2000 advisers on behalf of roughly 50,000 clients. Bluedoor’s De Angelis said the cancellation of the Skandia project had not damaged Bluedoor’s business, and that it was in fact hiring to add to its 30 existing staff.

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