The 2008 Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, focused on youth homelessness, was launched last week ahead of the screening of documentary about a Sydney homeless refuge this week on the ABC.

The Red Shield Appeal canvasses donations from businesses, individuals and households. This year it aims to raise $68 million from the public; $13 million of this is hoped to come from Sydney. Coinciding with National Youth Week, the ABC will broadcast a documentary this Thursday night about a homeless youth refuge in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Named after the centre, ‘The Oasis’ profiles the work of the Salvation Army’s Captain Paul Moulds, who runs the refuge, and his wife Robbin. Speaking at the appeal launch last week, Moulds said peoples’ donations to the Salvation Army are equivalent to them saying “here are the resources, go and find them and bring them back to health”. “The Salvation Army pledges to use these resources wisely and creatively.” He said that many homeless youths were susceptible to sexual abuse and exploitation. “If the Salvation Army isn’t in these places, other people will be.” ‘The Oasis’ will be followed by a discussion among a panel of experts, including Capt Moulds, about the social and political problems involved in child homelessness. Donations to the appeal can be made by calling 13SALVOS, through or at any Westpac branch. The national doorknock will take place on the weekend of May 24 and 25.

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