The might of sovereign wealth and emerging Asia could fend off a worldwide recession while providing opportunities for super funds, an upcoming Funds Executive Association Ltd (FEAL) national briefing will hear.

A discussion panel including Bill Bovingdon, chief executive and head of fixed income at Aberdeen Asset Management (Australia), and Sam Sicilia, chief investment officer at industry fund HostPlus, will debate whether the credit crunch will force the world economy into a recession, and if this is the case, whether sovereign wealth and emerging Asia can intervene effectively. The latest FEAL National Briefings take place in Sydney tomorrow, Brisbane on Thursday, Melbourne Friday, Adelaide next Monday and Perth next Tuesday. They are sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management. The speakers will specifically address: whether super funds can insulate themselves against a potential global crisis; is a global recession looming and, if so, how long could it last; how such a slowdown could damage Australian markets; the impacts of mushrooming inflation across markets; and what fund executives should be telling directors, employers and members. The briefing extends the theme introduced by Pippa Malmgren, president of The Canonbury Group and former adviser on financial markets to the White House, during a FEAL briefing in March: ‘Global Financial Markets in 2008 and Beyond’. RSVP by today, June 9, to or phone 02 9299 6648.

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