The ‘global ethical crisis’ will be the subject of the Conference of Major Super Funds 2009 opening plenary session, with World Vision chief executive Tim Costello discussing the effects of the financial meltdown beyond the headline economic figures.

Costello will drill down into the effects of the global financial crisis on the most vulnerable in society, including those in the developing world.

Elsewhere at  CMSF 2009, the University of Sydney’s Mike Rafferty will unveil research, commissioned by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST), investigating the relationship between super fund governance models, fees and charges and fund performance.

Another highlight should be a discussion on investment opportunities from the crisis, with well-known journalist Ellen Fanning chairing a panel including AMP economist Shane Oliver, Frontier Investment Consulting chief Fiona Trafford-Walker, and the always-forthright boss of Queensland Investment Corporation, Doug McTaggart.

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