Obama storms to top of Wilshire 5000 The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, the original broad measure of the US stock market, is on pace to gain about US$4.6 trillion in market value during the first year of the Obama administration, according to Wilshire Associates Incorporated, a global independent investment consulting and services firm. With the Wilshire 5000 gaining 48.0 per cent* during his first year in office as of the market close today, Barack Obama can lay claim to the best first-year stock market performance in recent history, more than doubling that of former President George HW Bush. The performance of the Wilshire 5000 during the first year of the first term for other recent U.S. presidents was as follows Ronald Reagan, -7.1 per cent George HW Bush, 20.2 per cent William Clinton, 12.9 per cent George W. Bush, -14.09 per cent

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