When pressed on the veracity of this information, van Zyp says that “more than 2,000 users are looking at this performance data and some are getting it from multiple sources, so incorrect information is quickly detected and then corrected”. The second section, analytics, is entry by subscription with the per-user licence in Australia costing $A13,500 for a single user. With a multiple-user discount, for example five users would cost A$18,500. The basic licence includes two data sets: global and one other [for example, Australian Equity and Fixed Interest]. This product is available to investment managers, investment consultants, and super funds. Then, the user pays for each extra data set on a sliding scale, so the more sets used, the better the discount.

Users can create their own templates into which they “pour” the data; they can create their own product lists; and all data can be exported to Excel, PDF, or PowerPoint. Most queries cover the past three years, says van Zyp, but some go back 10 years. No data is ever deleted, so in the US, some of the analytics go back for 30 years. The third section, eASE exchange, costs from A$13,900, and helps managers update multiple databases. In the US, there are more than 10 other database vendors similar to eVestment.

“This product helps managers update multiple databases more efficiently and accurately. It’s a tool that helps establish the business rules for the various database layouts and includes an auto-send feature that scrapes data from eASE Exchange into the various questionnaires by database,” says van Zyp. eVestment has expanded to Australia because “global clients in the US were asking us to cover Europe and Asia. The decision to open an office in Australia was easy because the superannuation market is large and fairly concentrated. “

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